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High Street

Thanks for taking time to visit – though some of your queries may be answered here, we hope you will take time to contact us and hopefully visit us.

We are a church that seeks to teach and understand the message of the Bible and personally experience the greatest thing in all the world: to enter into relationship with the living God through his son Jesus Christ.

Our meetings embrace all that is best in traditional and modern music and songs, and you''ll find our meetings contemporary and engaging. This is true for all ages and stages, and you if you choose to join with us, you will see the best part of church: the people.

We give you a very warm welcome to come and meet with us.

Click here for details about our sister church, ChristChurch Redbourn.

Our current termly programme is available in the Taste and See brochure.


A Passion For Life

During the weeks leading up to Easter 2014 we shall be taking part in a nationwide, local-church based co-operative mission initiative called 'A Passion For Life'. This builds on a similar initiative run at Easter 2010.

Our Aims

Harpenden Common

Our aim as a church, is to take God's Word, the Bible, understand its relevance for us today and then apply it to our everyday situations.

We are committed to being:

In three words: mission, maturity and ministry.

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