Christianity Explored


 What's the point of life? How can I be sure of anything? Why is the world such a mess?  What will happen when I die? ... 

Christianity Explored is a course run throughout the world which gives people space to explore these questions.  The discovery many people make, is that answers are found in an unusual place - the life of Jesus Christ.  

You are warmly invited to a five-week course in a relaxed setting, where you will find out the Bible’s answers to these questions.  You can contribute as much as you like, whether it’s asking challenging questions, or simply listening in.

You can find out more about the course from the Christianity Explored website by clicking here


Our next course starts on: Wednesday 5th February

Time:  8 - 9:15pm 

Venue:  31 Sibley Avenue, AL5 1HF


For more information, or to express an interest, contact Gareth Loh